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Meet Casa Sudarmadjie

I’m Casa, originally from Indonesia. People often used to describe me as short and little. So as much as I try to look tall, it never succeeds. But those things haven’t stopped me for always eager to be on top (at least in the field of my concern).

I was born in Batam, a small island in Sumatera Island – Indonesia with the born name, Ayu. I am a half Minang and Javanese progeny, but I am into Malays since I was born and raised in the Malay environment.

Aside from being blogger, I am also an Engineer since 2011. I have a Master Degree in Civil Engineering on 2012 and Coastal Engineering and Port Development on 2017. So, I am basically a blogger who trapped to work in the field of civil, port, and coastal engineering on a daily basis.


About Ain’t Tattle

Ain't Tattle LogoI was a food blogger back in the 2010. Through nonstopfood, I learned how to write, design, and maintain a blog. I also loved photography and photo editing along the way although I am nowhere near good on it, but at least I always tried 😉

On 2015, I took 18 months’ sabbatical to travel across Europe (Nah, I was on mission for getting my second master degree in The Netherlands). In the midst of the school’s hectic schedule, I managed to plan lots of journeys. Thus, it triggered me to sum it up into (I hope) a good travel stories.

I prefer to travel solo at the most of Europe Trip, but I also did it with my friends even it only happened once. The rest were going with my boyfriend when he was around. Then he turned to be my husband, so I assumed he will always keep me company for the next travel stories.

As I rise my second blog, neither the foods nor the journeys that keeps me run. I loved writing as much as I liked sharing. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

Never say never to be friend with me @casasudarmadjie through Instagram and twitter or drop me an email to ayusudarmadjie@gmail.com


Jakarta, September 2017

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