The serene HALLSTATT

What will your future house look like? Should be located in a beautiful and serene village, I bet. Visited Hallstatt made me dreaming of having a home in this kind of surrounding.

After almost a year planning to go or not to go, I finally had a chance to visit this beautiful lake town. The Austria’s most beautiful lake town, they say, and I couldn’t agree more.

I am falling in love with the scenery of Switzerland. Lucky to have them just across the borderline, several parts of Austria have a similar view as Swiss. Just like Hallstatt, I’ve just simply skip Vienna, the capital city of Austria, and wondering how it is looked like. Many people recommend this place. A suitable place for you who don’t like rush and crowded place.

How to Get There?

Hallstatt can be reached by train or bus. It depends on where you are coming from. It is suggested to take the train from Vienna due to its longer distance from Hallstatt and several ways if you are coming from Salzburg, the cheapest way yet uneasy is by bus. For detail information about the route, you can read here.

To help you assist the itinerary, check the OBB train timetable and buy the tickets afterward. The Austria train company often offering the discount for the online tickets. The discount is no joke, sometimes it can be up to 50%. However, for the discounted tickets, the date and time departure is fixed. Whereas, the normal price ticket gave you more flexible in time. You can take whichever train on that particular day, sometimes the ticket can be used in two days.

Wien Hauptbahnhof → Attnang-Puchheim → Hallstatt Bahnst → Hallstatt Markt (by ship)

I took the morning train from Wien Hauptbahnhof (Vienna Central Station) and changing the train at Attnang-Puchheim. From there, the train was directly going to Hallstatt Bahnst. The Hallstatt Bahnst is located across the village. You need to cross the lake by ship to be arrived at the village. It costs you another €5 (day return) but it is nothing compared to the greatest view you’ve got.

Talking about the view from Attnang-Puchheim to Hallstatt, I was spoiled with the typical landscape of Switzerland. It reminds me of Interlaken, somehow, don’t they?


Due to my next destination is Salzburg, so I took the same train and change direction to Salzburg in Attnang-Puchheim. You can also take the bus to Salzburg from Bad Ischl, a few stations before Attnang-Puchheim, some said that the view you’ll get during the trip will be amazing.

Hallstatt Markt (by ship) → Hallstatt Bahnst → Attnang-Puchheim →  Salzburg Hbf

Attractive Places

As I told you before, you need to cross the lake to be arrived at the village. Don’t think that the Hallstatt station would be huge. Maybe this is the smallest train station in the Europe I’ve ever visited. Next to the station building, there is a pathway leading to the small dock where you can board on the ship. Don’t take the sit inside, 15 minutes on board is best to enjoy outside.


Yeah, arrived !


Gosh! Hallstatt is sooo beautiful…


The village itself is so small. It only takes 2-3 hours to walk around. You can visit museum or church if you like. Nonetheless, not any of them attracted me. I love the old town itself. The house, the fresh air, the scenery. It was just too pretty and perfect.

Sorry to spoil you with the following pictures. You can imagine how happy I am being in that place even only for 5 hours getting around.






This is the most needed place. Just because the public toilette near to the Markt station is currently under renovation, I need to walk for around 1 km to find this one. This is located next to Lahn Station.


The most recommended place in Hallstatt based on trip advisor is the viewing platform. To be sad it is not free, you need to take funicular which is costly. I was not going there because I was using improper footwear (flip flop under single digit weather, lol). Besides this viewing platform, the funicular would also take you to Salzwelten (Salt Mine). To get there, the sturdy shoes is required. Looking at my flip flop, I just gave up to their souvenir shop.


To end up my story trip, the highlight of the Hallstatt was this view.


To be finally able to take my own picture of this view, I just can’t thank God enough.


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